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Companion Pass Ticket as the companion

Explorer C

I was added as someone else's companion (and they added me for the flights), but I do not see the reservation in my account. Will it appear in my account or do both tickets go to the individual who booked it?


Re: Companion Pass Ticket as the companion

Aviator A

If your RR account number was added to the reservation when the companion added you it would show up in your account.  If you have the confirmation number you can add your RR number so it does show up in your account.


"To add your Rapid Rewards number to your reservation on click on Flight/Hotel/Car at the top of the screen.  Under Flight select Manage Reservations. From here look up your flight using one of the two options available and click on Add Rapid Rewards number next to your name."



Re: Companion Pass Ticket as the companion

Frequent Flyer B

It is possible that when they added you as the companion, it created a new RR # for you.  It did this for my husband when I added him many years ago.  I had to call SW to get it changed to his current RR#.