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Companion Pass & Existing booked Ticket with Name Change?

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My wife went to the DMV this weekend to make the final change of her last name on all documents (passport, social security were already changed- besides credit cards) after we got married. I have a few questins around this:


1) I had a prebooked ticket on our companion pass (she is my companion) with her maiden name. I called SW customer support and they said I need to cancel and rebook. The flight is now sold out. She has an Ohio license that isn't expired, but the DMV punched a hole through with her maiden name and a paper IL license with her new last name. Will TSA accept a license with a hole punched through it? If not, what's my best option? 


2) When I change her name on her companion pass does this count as a change since my companion isn't changing? I was planning on changing her name after the situation above (the flight is this weekend) and have no other outstadnign flights. 


Re: Companion Pass & Existing booked Ticket with Name Change?

Aviator A

Definitely a difficult situation.  TSA has stated they will not accept an ID with a hole punch in it and it sounds like you've already voided her passport so unless you happen to have a Global Entry card or a military ID you might not have an acceptable ID.


I see two options, neither is ideal:

  1. If you cancel her reservation, that "in theory" opens up a seat on the flight which you can then book under her new name.  The problem with this plan is there is no guarantee the seat opens up right away or at all.  Depending on the route, often seats will open up around the T-24 time or less when people change their minds or catch an earlier flight.  It's very last minute, but you might be able to get her booked then.  If you have a day or two before the flight I suggest you keep her reservation for now and continuously check the flight to see if space opens up.  If it does cancel her reservation and rebook it immediately.   


  1. Tell the TSA you "forgot" your ID and tell them your name is as it is on the ticket.  Yes, it's very possible to fly without an ID, you just get asked more questions than usual and might get extra screening.  It's possible they check the name in some database and possible, although highly unlikely, it comes back as having been changed then that leads to a bunch of other questions and possibility of not getting on the flight.


Like I said, neither is ideal.  Perhaps someone else has some better ideas?


Regarding the number of times you are allowed to change the name.  I don’t have an answer, but wondering if it really matters.  Do you think you would change your companion three more times before the end of the year?  I know some people develop elaborate plans to get a variety of companions for a variety of reasons, but I’m going to make a wild guess that your new bride might be your companion for a little while, at least a couple months?

Re: Companion Pass & Existing booked Ticket with Name Change?

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Hey @brettnussb, how did this situation work out for you? 

Re: Companion Pass & Existing booked Ticket with Name Change?

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I'll echo @TheMiddleSeat that there is often some movement on an opening in the day prior to a flight, but you have to keep checking, maybe even hourly to grab that open spot. If the flight is oversold you'll have trouble though.


I feel like TSA should be able to handle the ID though, as mentioned there is a procedure for people that have lost their ID. Bring some utility bills or something with you showing the maiden name?


I guess it is extra difficult since you have two separate paths - keep the companion booking as-is and go through TSA without ID, or else change the name and come with matching ID, but risk not getting a seat by this weekend?


Honestly I'd try twitter as a communication path if you are into that - send @SouthwestAir a message and then they'll accept a direct message (DM) from you with the confirmation number and maybe they can help...mentioning that its your honeymoon can't hurt!


Don't ever put your (wife's) confirmation number on regular twitter though, wait until they ask for a DM.




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