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In April of 2020 you extended the 2020 Companion Pass expiration to December of 2021. However, I had already earned my 2021 Companion Pass (expiring Dec 2021) so my earned 2021 companion pass should be pushed to December 2022 expiration. I have written the CEO of Southwest about this situation but have not yet heard a response. This seems like an obvious update so that I do not lose the year I earned as a Southwest Member. How can I get this addressed and resolved? Thanks you in advance! Tom Foster


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This is a customer to customer forum and there has been previous discussion of this topic.  To summarize previous posts... it's doubtful any further extensions will be made, planes have been flying so CP could have been used anytime, go enjoy your CP and good luck earning future CP.



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Southwest has an entire page that explains tier and benefit extensions, here is a relevant section for you: 


If I earned Companion Pass in 2020, will I get an extension beyond 2021?

No. We made it easier for all Members to achieve Companion Pass status in 2020 by awarding boosts for Companion Pass qualifying points and flight credits. However, our Rapid Rewards program rules have not changed. Once a Member meets the applicable qualifications, tier status and/or Companion Pass is awarded to the Member immediately and is maintained through the following calendar year. In this case, if a Member qualifies for Companion Pass in 2020, their status will be valid through December 31, 2021.




Southwest also reduced the amount of TQPs it takes to get Companion Pass this year - you only need 100,000 as opposed to 125,000.



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What exactly did you "lose"; Tom?  Seems you got the same CP as everyone else and didn't lose anything. 


I too "earned" my CP for this year,  and got a free extension that I don't therefore need.   But I didn't lose anything. 


Are you suggesting SWA give us a free CP to use the first year we don't earn one?   At this rate, that'll be 2023 for me.   


Seems a bit excessive and entitled,  wouldn't you agree? 

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I did see Tom points since I am in the same boat. My wife CP suppose to expire in 2020, so I tried to earn CP in 2020 to cover 2021. She got extend to 2021 (Thank you SW, it is very generous). So right now, both of us have CP expires in 2021. Technically, we do not loose anything but it seems my CP is not worth anything or her extension CP is not worth anything since we only need one for both of us to travel.


I am not whining and still very appreciated SW for a generous offer. However, I just try to explain for people who got CP in 2020 and could not use it in 2020, they feel like they only have CP for one year 2021 but people like my wife who had CP in 2019 and she got extend to 2021.

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@Haipham2017 wrote:



. However, I just try to explain for people who got CP in 2020 and could not use it in 2020, they feel like they only have CP for one year 2021 but people like my wife who had CP in 2019 and she got extend to 2021.

Still not following you.   No one who had CP in 2019 got it extended to 2021. 


People who had it in 2020 had it extended to 2021.  Period.   As you said, all free and generous from SWA, considering they were still flying.   I flew 50,000 miles in 2020.


If you're complaining that you didn't need the free extension because you EARNED  one in 2020 for 2021....between your flying, purchasing,  and the 25k point credit... well,  I guess you can go complain about welfare,  unemployment,  food stamps,  and charity.   Why should anyone get anything for free when you worked for it, right?   Everyone should get the same handouts?  


Seems to be another one of those issues with relative wealth.   You're only happy when you have more than the other guy...

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