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Companion Pass

New Arrival

100 one way Flights seems almost unattainable for a Companion Pass - I was told using a Southwest Business Visa  regularly made it more possible - any thoughts or ideas from experience?


Re: Companion Pass

Retired Community Manager

Hi @by28


Using the Southwest Chase Visa card can certainly help you accumulate points faster, especially when you use it for Southwest Airlines purchases (reservations, gift cards, etc). For more information, click here.


Re: Companion Pass

New Arrival

Do what I did - apply for the SW Visa, earn 50k then make some LARGE purchases that you have coming up - if any - college tuition, furniture, home repairs - took me about 30 days to earn the companion. 

Re: Companion Pass

Active Member

The miles you get from signing up for the card will give you a big boost.  However, it is still very difficult to get enough miles for a companion pass.  That has been my experience.

Re: Companion Pass

New Arrival

I normally have my companion pass renewed by May with just flights. However, look for hotels on their site that offer big point bonuses, do you shop online you can shop though SWA and it will take you to the site you initially wanted to shop on and you can earn points, finally do you eat out allot you can link your credit card to their dining rewards and its 1 point per dollar spent.