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Companion Pass

Explorer C

I am a A-list Preferred flyer.  I wanted to get to the next level, Companion Pass, so I applied for the Southwest Airlines credit card.  Within the first 3 weeks I charged over $1,000 and even paid it off.  I was hoping to get to the next level quicker and surprising my boyfriend with the comapnion pass.  Is there any way to get the 40,000 added to my account faster?


Thank you,



Re: Companion Pass

Aviator A

Any bonus points associated with a promotional offer from the credit card are posted to your Rapid Rewards account a few days after the close of the billing cycle in which you completed the requirements for the bonus. Points earned from purchases are also posted after the billing cycle closes. If you then have enough Companion Pass qualifying points you'll see the ability to designate a companion and add a companion to any of your booked flights within a few more days of the points posting to your RR account.

Good luck and enjoy CP! 

Re: Companion Pass

Aviator B

The offer: 


Please allow up to 8 weeks for bonus points to post to your Rapid Rewards account. 


Good luck!