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Has anyone been denied companion pass when only Business Select fares remain available?  Just tried moving our flight to an earlier departure.  My ticket is Biz Select. SWA app shows availability (2 Anytime, 2 Biz Select).  However, SWA rep said their were no seats available.  Interesting to see if anyone else has run into this situation. Perhaps it’s SWA policy not to replace BizSelect fare with n/c CPass.  After hanging up and refresing SWA app B-S and A-T  still show availability.  Thanks


Re: Companion Pass

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I have never had any problems changing a companion pass flight with seats available. Also by the website saying 2 anytime and 2 business select tickets that means there are only 2 seats as they will sell them both as long as the 15 business select tickets were not purchased already so it is possible that the app didn't have the most up to date availability if someone just bought a ticket over the phone or elsewhere. 


maybe next time call southwest at 800-435-9792 and they could tell you if seats were available and they should be able to make the change if the seats are in inventory. 


I actually had one experience where I booked the last wanna bet away ticket and they only ticket left was an anytime fare and I was able to add the companion no problem 


Hope this helps


Re: Companion Pass

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My guess is that there was only one ticket available, EDIT: or the inventory on the app and live in the system wasn't synced, someone may have taken one of the available seats.


I haven't been blocked from taking the last spot for a CP booking, even if it was BS or AT in the past.


Depending on your tolerance for risk,  you can cancel the companion and rebook your own BS ticket. (Refuknd and rebook to maintain refundability.)


Then keep trying to add the companion back as the flight approaches. Often there is a little movement for availabiliy the day or two before a flight, but you'll need to keep checking back regularly.


If no dice, cancel and rebook your ticket for the original flight if plenty of seats are open on that one.


A little risky though with a chance to end up without either flight.


Edit:  if you try this online, you'll have to cancel the companion and cancel/rebook, in order to change both tickets simultaneously you have to call.

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