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Companion Pass

Explorer C

I am a companion and  I also have a companion. I noticed that when I log into my account; the companion ticket that I have booked will allow me to add my companion?  Can I book my companion when I am traveling on a companion ticket?  It appears that it will allow me to book my companion but I don't want to cause any problems.  It would be nice if that is the case but it doesn't seem accurate-  please advise.  Thank you.


Re: Companion Pass

Aviator A

I don’t have experience with this specific scenario, and I’ve actually never considered the possibility; however, these are the terms from SW’s site:


The Companion Pass allows the Member to designate an individual to fly with the Member (such designated individual, the “Companion”) on Southwest Airlines flights purchased by the Member and booked through Southwest Airlines during the Companion Pass validity period. A Companion's reservation is not considered a purchased flight, and therefore, another Companion Pass reservation cannot be booked from it.”


This language seems to indicate that you are not allowed to do what you are saying (but it would be nice if you could)!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Companion Pass

Aviator A

If this comes up often, then you may want to re-nominate so that each of you can fly, and each have a companion (two free tickets) instead of being limited to one companion ticket, if you travel with the same group very often.


Otherwise, you can try to add one and see what happens if the functionality is there. This would be unfortunate if it wasn't allowed, and Southwest only found out close to the date of travel then the "companion of the companion" would be out of a ticket, and either not travel or have to buy a last minute fare.


If you try it today, way before travel though, then you can see if it allows you to go all of the way through booking or not.


The quotation from the terms sounds like it is not allowed though.



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