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Companion pass Question

Explorer C

Hi all,


Quick question here. My girlfriend just got the companion pass valid until Dec 30 2018. She has a limited number of Rapid Rewards miles available. I on the other hand have a ton of miles in my personal account. My question: Can I book her and myself via my RR account using my miles (will input her RR# when booking) and still get the companion pass? I'm unsure how this would even work, but I have not seen anything about it and I'm hopeful. 


Re: Companion pass Question

Aviator B

Yes you can.  Login your account and reserve a ticket for her and use her Rapid Reward number.  Now she would login her account and look at her future flights and add you as the Companion. 



Re: Companion pass Question

Explorer A

franktravel is most likely correct.  It is an interesting way around the issue.  I have used my companion pass for many years and I think this would most likely work.  Again, just make sure when you book her ticket that you put her name and RR# in the system correctly and it should work out fine.


Also, you really have nothing to lose.  If you haven't noticed already, you can book it and then if it doesn't work, cancel it and get your points back.  Or call someone at SWA first to see if they can fix it, but my money is on it working just like franktravel said.


Good luck!

Re: Companion pass Question

Aviator A

It doesn't matter how the companion pass holder's flight is booked. It can be cash, travel funds, vouchers, or points. And anyone can use their points to book a flight for anyone else. Once the companion pass holder's flight is reserved, they can add their companion. The only limitation being that a seat must be available on that flight.