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Companion pass purchase

New Arrival

Anybody else encounter this?

The companion pass must be purchased between Sept. 7 and Sept. 9, I bought a qualifying fare at 10:02 p.m. Pacific Time on Sept. 9.


But because the purchase posted at 12:02 A.M. Central Time, I was deemed ineligible for the companion fare.


The purchase even posted to my credit card on Sept. 9, as well.


I contacted Southwest via the website and my request was allegedly investigated and rejected.


Seems like an opportunity missed by Southwest customer relations to do the right thing.




Re: Companion pass purchase

Top Contributor

Sorry to hear that.


I believe that all customer transactions that involve transfers of money are registered as taking place central time- fare sales, ticket purchases, etc.


It is not advertised so you ran into the problem.


You might want to send a snail mail to Southwest's president.


Snail mail address is listed in "contact us" below. 

Re: Companion pass purchase

Top Contributor

Unfortunately Most promotions/sales offered by Southwest end at midnight (well 11:59pm) Central time and it does end up causing confusion for those who don't read the terms and conditions and it leaves out those late night ticket buyers in mountain and Pacific time zones. 


Since you contacted Southwest and they rejected you the best you can do is share your feedback and hopefully a change will happen in the future with these promotions.