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Converting RR Points to Rental Car Certificates

New Arrival

Does anyone have any experience using their Southwest Rapid Reward points to buy a Budget Rental Car Certificate on the SWA RR 'More Rewards' marketplace?

I have one of the SWA RR Credit Cards, so I have been accummulating a fair number of points without even traveling much. I have a trip that I am planning to take in a few months (that is not on SWA - sorry but the connections out of DAL won't work for me this time!) where I was going to rent a car for a week or so. On the 'More Rewards' marketplace I realized that I could buy enough of the Budget Car Rental certificates with my miles to cover my rental car.


There does not appear to be anything on line that says I have to use these in conjunction with a SWA flight.  Just looking for someone else who may have already done this transaction. And if they had any issues with redeeming the certificates.




Re: Converting RR Points to Rental Car Certificates

Top Contributor

I was hoping someone who had previously redeemed points for a rental car would chime in, but no luck so far. There should be no reason the rental car would depend on taking a Southwest flight, or any flight for that matter. The rental car company has a no way to know your other travel plans and any car rental is arranged directly with the rental agency. Please return and let us know how it all works for you. 



Re: Converting RR Points to Rental Car Certificates

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Adding to what themiddleseat said, remember that "more rewards" is NOT Southwest. It is a different company that makes it's money by giving you less value for your points than Southwest does.


Financially, you are better off using your points on Southwest flights than on anything bought  thru more rewards.