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Credit Card Points to post to Rapid Rewards before end of the year?

Explorer C

Hi.   I am trying in earnest to have Chase Visa RR points posted to my Southwest account before the end of 2017 in order to qualify for Companion Pass....I'm very close and I will make a couple of large purchases which will provide enough points to eclipse the goal.


I've now talked with Chase and they are adjusting my "cycle date" from Dec 6 to Dec 1 in the hope that this will allow purchases made before Dec 1 to get transferred to Southwest and posted to my  RR accounts before Dec 31.  They claim (as probably SW does as well) that it can take up to 30 days for points to transfer and post from Chase Visa RR card charges after the "cycle date".   ("Cycle date" is Chase's term...not mine.)


I guess this question goes out to Southwest to confirm, with any certainty, that if Chase "cycle date" is Dec 1 and, if Chase transfers charges/points to SW beginning on that date, that there is hope that these points will post to my RR account before the end of the year....essentially within the 30 calendar days stated.


Since this is already November and my cycle date for November has come and gone, Chase cannot change my cycle date any earlier than Dec 1.  


Has anyone else had experience with these type of dates and lag times for points posting?   And if Southwest is out there listening, is there a relatively good chance that my points will post before the end of the year allowing me to qualify for a Companion Pass in 2018??  Pretty please 🙂




Re: Credit Card Points to post to Rapid Rewards before end of the year?

Aviator B

My Credit card due date is the 22nd of every month.  All of my purchases that I make in Dec prior to Dec 22nd (my payment due date) will post to my Rapid Rewards account before Dec 31st.  This is how I have been able to qualify for the Companion Pass for the last 7 years.