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Credit Card question!

Explorer C

I qualified for the companion pass in 2016, so I will continue to enjoy the benefit through 2017.  My question is, if I cancel the Southwest business and personal credit cards that I used to qualify for the companion pass, will it negatvely affect the companion pass or my accumulated points.  I'm 99% certain the answer is no, but I don't want to be blindsided by some esoteric rule.  Please advise! 


Re: Credit Card question!

Frequent Flyer B

Nope, you will keep your points and the Companion Pass. The points you earn from the card are sent to Southwest from Chase and then put in your Rapid Rewards Account. If you cancel the card, you keep the points, etc.

Re: Credit Card question!

Aviator A



The only thing to keep in mind is that Southwest requires point earning activity every two years or they will close your account and you will lose all your accumulated points. Keeping the credit card means that will never happen.