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Re: Credit card points refund due to Covid?

Aviator C

I agree with @jksobonya.  I intentionally watch the news all day long to stay informed about the virus.  The only news of late in regard to the airline industry is the shortage of employees to facilitate flights, so they are being canceled.  When I google transmissions from flying there hasn't been any news whatsoever that the new strain(s), or the original one, is spreading because of flights.  Will I agree there is still some degree of a chance you might catch it on a flight, YES, do I agree that it's all over the news that flying is causing the spread of the virus, NO, that is totally false.  What you decide to do with your points, and with SWA is your choice, and I wish you a more informed Christmas Holidays and Happy New Year.   

Re: Credit card points refund due to Covid?

Explorer C

You see what you did?  You took my statement, then incorporated in a wrong point to your statement.   


No one ever said flying is “causing” the flight to spread.  You have to be more careful with your words.

But what is true, and was stated, is that it can be spread on a plane, or anywhere for that matter.  This is not “false,” that’s why masks are mandated and now, all over the news headlines is they are talking about making vaccine mandates to fly domestically.  

My question, is if a vaccine is mandated and a requirement to fly and I am not vaccinated, why should I have to lose my point value?  

The same idea should go, even if the vaccine is not mandated, and I am specifically worried of transmission on a plane, why, again, does someone lose their points.  

Here’s an idea.  Say, for example, I own a restaurant and offer a rewards credit card to customers. You happen to use the card for points.  Then I have a hepatitis a outbreak in my kitchen and tell u to eat at your own risk and I’m gonna let all the employees keep serving food.  So, now, you as the customer might be afraid to ever go back there and now have lost all the points you had accrued.  Is that fair?   This is just an analogy, because we all know the health department would shut the restaurant down.  However, it’s the same principle.  

Either way, whether just fearful of transmission, or if it becomes a mandate to be vaccinated, I wonder why someone has to lose their points.