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Credits with Southwest

Explorer C

My husband and I have a leftover credit from a previously cancelled flight and I was just wondering if the credit could be used to book a hotel from southwest or can it only be used on air fare?     


Re: Credits with Southwest

Retired Community Manager

Hi Cheyenne, 


At this time, flight credits can be used only toward other flights, and travel must be complete before the expiration date of the funds. Great question, though! Thanks for posting it in the Southwest Airlines Community!



Re: Credits with Southwest

Aviator B



You may want to check the expiration date on the funds.  Your funds are only good from the date you purchased it, not the date of the flight.  If for some reason you forget to use your credit or it expires,  I believe you can pay a small fee and they will extend the expiration.

Re: Credits with Southwest

Adventurer A

Also- those credits are ONLY f=good for the same passenger, no one else.


Finally, if you use a credit for any given flight and then change anything on that flight, the expiration of the ENTIRE credit from the changed flight expires RETROACTIVELY to the expiration date of the first credit.  I have lost credits of sizable amounts by using a small credit from the prior year more than once- it's a BAD SYSTEM that should be adjusted!