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Deadline for companion pass points

Explorer C

I will earn my last few points toward next year’s companion pass on a flight Dec. 27th. Will these be applied since they are so close to Jan. 1st? It seems like points from flights are applied immediately. 


Re: Deadline for companion pass points

Adventurer B

I can't speak for flight points only flight credits. Yes flight credits seem to hit within 2 days. If on an outbound of a r/t reservation it may not hit till the completion of the return.

Re: Deadline for companion pass points

Aviator A

As long as the flight is not the first trip in a round trip the points will post immediately.  If you have other flights on the same reservation the points will not post until after you have completed those.



Re: Deadline for companion pass points

Aviator A

Assuming Dec is your only flight or return flight, yes it posts immediately. If Dec 27 was your outgoing flight and Jan 1 or later was your return flight, however, the points would not post until the return flight completes, assuming they are on the same reservation.