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Decreased RR points for Hotel stays

Explorer C

Hello - 

We are working toward keeping our CP.  Therefore, I have been "shopping"  Mexico resort hotel stays in order to earn a large "bump" of RR points toward our total. 


As late as last night, a 4 night stay was as much as 40K points.  The max I see today is 10K no matter the timeframe or location.  Once you click into the resort of your choice, you can choose a "pay more option" and receive 18K points but that's the max I am finding. 


Did SW change the generous RR program to give less points?  I'm so sad if this is the case.  


Anyone else notice the big change?



Re: Decreased RR points for Hotel stays

Frequent Flyer B

from my experience, those points change often.  both up and down in #'s of points.  When I find one with a large amount of points, I always book it (usually I book ones with free cancellations).  Then I keep checking to see if maybe it ever increased in the number of points and make a change if so.


I do this with everything, hotels, car rentals, and flights.  🙂  It's all a part of the travel game for me once we decide on a trip location.  


Re: Decreased RR points for Hotel stays

Explorer C

Yes, I have noticed daily  ups and downs in pricing.  

The downward turn this time seems to be more uniformed.  

Listed top RR earnings is all 10K for my dates and location and the "pay more" price is capped at 18K.  


Interested to see if it changes.


Re: Decreased RR points for Hotel stays

Aviator A

It should also be noted that Southwest does not run the hotel booking program, it merely links to a hotel booking engine run by a third party company.  I think it's

Anyway, just like Chase uses points to entice customers, the third party hotel company uses points to entice people to book hotels.