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Disappointed California Resident

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I opened a Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card during the California Companion Pass Promotion, but I didn't know this promotion was going on! I live in California and would obviously love to enjoy the benefits of the companion pass over trying to reach it with points alone. I called Chase and they said since I didn't sign up with the "special link" they couldn't honor it. I don't understand why they wouldn't if it was a promotion they were running during the time I opened my account. I am very disappointed by this. 


Re: Disappointed California Resident

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Hi @jpolk29,


Thanks for joining the Community! This is a peer-to-peer discussion forum, so we aren't able to tackle Customer Service issues here. Please reach out to us through one of the ways listed on this page at


Re: Disappointed California Resident

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You could save a click by just including those in the response?
Here's the info from Lindsey's link:

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