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Don't Buy Points

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I was in a hurty today and bought some points on Southwest. that was a mistake.  I paid about double of what I would have paid had I just flat out bought the airfare from Southwest.  I called SW to see if I could get my $$ back.  NOPE!  My bad.  It won't happen again.


Don't make my mistake.  Don't buy points!!!!!!


Re: Don't Buy Points

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I'm saddened to  hear that you had a disappointing experience with purchasing points. Many Customers find it a helpful option when they want to purchase a flight with points and they are just a little bit short. Still, thank you for sharing your experience and your feedback. We always welcome the opportunity to learn how we might improve our services and processes. 


Re: Don't Buy Points

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Surely, you jest.


Seriously, before someone stupidly buys points (as I did), they should compare the cost of the additional points versus the cost of flat out buying the airfare.  If I had spent the extra 3 minutes to do that comparison, I would have saved about $400. 


NEVER again!

Re: Don't Buy Points

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I found this out the hard way as well. Fortunately my price difference was only $5 but my lost points was much greater.


I had 28,879 points. I needed five one-way flights: 8,424 per ticket, 42,120; or $140 per ticket, $700.


I bought 15,000 points for $275. Then I had 43,879. I bought the tickets and had 1,759 points left.


I should have bought three tickets with my points: (8,424 x 3 = 25,272). I would have had 3,607 points left. (28,879-25,272). 


The difference in points between the two tickets is 1,848 (3,607-1,759). Since most of my points come from regular purchases, point wise, it will take me spending over $1,000 to gain the lost points back.


Additionally, if I would have bought the tickets instead of points, I would have earned more point: 840 points per ticket x 2 = 1,680 points. 


I trusted Southwest to offer something that was actually a worthwhile deal; instead I'm out 3,528 points.

Don't buy points!



Re: Don't Buy Points

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As you've learned, the cost of buying points negates the value of those points.


The best advice is to purchase points 1) only in small increments, if needed to "top off" and purchase a specific fare, and/or 2) when there is a special points offer that grants additional points or a reduction in point price.


Southwest uses a 3rd party to manage their points sales/transfer/gift function, as a profit center.



Re: Don't Buy Points

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Travel bloggers frequently encourage buying points only in certain situations (usually the ones you mentioned above) because the value usually isn’t great. 

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Re: Don't Buy Points

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The very same thing just happened to my sisters and me.  I am seriously considering reporting this to the Illinois Better Business Burea.