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Drink Coupons in Lieu of Companion Pass

New Arrival

For those who never use Companion Passes, how about an accelerated issuance of Drink Coupons. Perhaps eight issued after every fifth flight, rather than four?  If Reward flights are currently excluded, they would continue to be excluded.


This would work out to be a lot less expensive for Southwest than Companion Passes.


Once one qualifies, they can make a choice for the coming year.  If they choose the Companion Pass, they would default to the current four coupons every fifth flight for the coming year. The choice would be binding for the coming year.



Re: Drink Coupons in Lieu of Companion Pass

Top Contributor

Interesting idea, although I would never choose that option. Just FYI, drink coupons are currently sent out after 10 flights. I assume you were referring to roundtrips which would be 5.


A bit of a sidenote, I think it's debatable how much the Companion Pass program actually costs Southwest. Sure there's revenue lost IF the companion would have purchased a ticket, but I know sometimes the companion only goes because it's free so it's not actual revenue lost, but ultimately it doesn't cost Southwest to stick a passenger in a seat that otherwise would be empty (minimal additional labor for the occasional bag checked by a companion?). Sure there are also times when flights sell out with companion on board and additional revenue is lost. Passing out free booze does actually cost Southwest for each bottle.


Again, interesting idea, thanks for sharing, 




Re: Drink Coupons in Lieu of Companion Pass

New Arrival

Yes, I was referring to five roundtrips.


I'm not sure of the ins and outs of the financial side of the Companion Pass, but the flight I take every week and have done so for five years is always 100% booked, since it is kind of a feeder flight to DIA, so it seems the seat taken up by the companion could have been sold. But, as I said, I don't know how ths works out in the end.


In any case, I feel the Companion Pass perk is wasted on me, and from a PR perspective, a choice would be nice.


Also, it's not about getting more booze, per se. It's about sitting back, listening to music, and having a drink. It makes the weekly flight nicer.