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Drink Coupons

New Arrival

Good morning, 


I am a frequent traveler with Southwest, both A-List and Companion pass. Usually flying every other week or so. All of my coworkers that I travel with all the time talk about how great you guys are at sending them drink coupons, giving them TSA pre on occasion and other perks for having the credit card and traveling a lot. I have never been sent drink coupons or anything. On long plane rides home from business trips, it would be nice to have every now and then. I don't even feel as though I've been thanked for being such a loyal customer, when I have a companion pass, am A-List and travel all the time. Would love to know how you justify sending vs not sending thank yous. 


Thank you! 



Re: Drink Coupons

Rising Star

The first thing you want to do is log into your Southwest Rapid Rewards account scroll down to the bottom of the page on the left-hand side.  See where it says "travel" in blue text click on extras and see if you have checked the box, I would like to receive drink coupons. If you do you will receive coupons after every 10 one-way flights that you have paid for. 

Re: Drink Coupons

New Arrival

I'm not seeing the text link that says "Travel" or the extras option. Help please. 

Re: Drink Coupons

New Arrival

In a browser:

-Click on My account

-Scroll down to My Preferences

-Click on Travel

-Click on Extras (next to Airport)

You should locate the Rapid Rewards drink coupons preferences...


This should be valid as of today, as long as they don't modify the site 🙂 ...