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Drink Coupons

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Hello, I have had a RR account for many years and I have yet to receive drink coupons. Do I need to do something on my part to receive them?


Thank you for your time, and I love flying with Southwest!


Re: Drink Coupons

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Southwest sends drink coupons out after the completion of 10 one-way (or 5 roundtrip) revenue flights. So, Companion flights and flights booked with Rapid Rewards Points don't count. Make sure that you have checked the box in your account that says "I want to receive Drink Coupons."  Also, verify your address is correct.



Re: Drink Coupons

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What @TheMiddleSeat said. 


Specific path: My Account > My Preferences > Travel > Extras > RR Drink Coupons > Edit


>>> sip and enjoy!

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