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EOY billing cycles - Companion Pass

Explorer C

I just called Chase and I would have to make any purchases that would qualify for a companion pass by Nov 4th (yesterday) as my next billing cycle would close on Jan 1st (for realz) - they said there was nothing that they could do - which means I will be a wee bit short to meet my points.  😞  


Has anyone run into this issue re: billing cycle dates and any advice?  Feels off that I miss the entire month of November to accrue points.  Would I get the points when my next billing cycle is released (12/5) or closed/paid (after 1/1?)


Re: EOY billing cycles - Companion Pass

Aviator A

Wouldn't you have a billing cycle that closes sometime in December? Seems weird that they would skip that entire month.



Re: EOY billing cycles - Companion Pass

Aviator A

Yeah, something is off with the dates provided. I would double check things as I suspect you are mixing statement closing dates and bill due dates. What matters is the statement closing date. Points will post a few days after that so figure out when your statement closing date is in December, you have until then to spend and earn CP qualifying points.



Re: EOY billing cycles - Companion Pass

Aviator A

I warned people about this in September and again in October.


Here's my September post:


Re: EOY billing cycles - Companion Pass

Adventurer C

How far are u away from companion pass? We took an overnight trip using Southwest hotels last year to gain 7000 points plus had a relaxing night stay away. Do soon though