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Earn 1,500 Rapid Rewards bonus points

Frequent Flyer C

I used 1-800-Flowers to send a Valentine's Present, using Promo Code SW95. I made the purchase on 7 Feb. 2022. The offer was to Earn 1.500 Rapid Rewards bonus points. also Rapid Rewards Shopping offered a bonus for Total Spending during the same time frame. to this date I have NO RR Points. This is not new, almost every purchase I have made with RR Shopping I have had to fight for the promised RR points.😟

I am a Sailor

Re: Earn 1,500 Rapid Rewards bonus points

Aviator A

Bummer. I've never had a problem with 800 Flowers or any other purchases made via Southwest Shopping.



Re: Earn 1,500 Rapid Rewards bonus points

Explorer B

I've had this happen twice so far, out of about ten purchases (I just got my card in February).  In the first case, since it was a big purchase (a new mattress), I emailed within a few days and they said they wouldn't look into it until 15 days passed.  I will say that on Day 15, they emailed me back and said, "Yeah, it's not showing up.  We'll contact Nectar, but, it might be 6-8 weeks before it's resolved".  My most recent one was a gift subscription through KiwiCo, and I just filed yesterday since it was 16 days later.  I don't know what's going to happen - I assume the same thing.  I have the app downloaded on my chromebook, but, I go through the RR Shopping site anyway so that I can read the fine print before I place an order (like not using a gift card, or not using coupon codes, XYZ doesn't count, etc).