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Earn 25% more points promo

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I have a personal and business SWA credit cards tied to the same Rapid Rewards acct. Each credit card uses a different email account, in case it matters to my questions below.



1. Can I earn 25% bonus points on both credit cards?


2. How can I tell if both cards are registered for the promo?  When I register for the promo from the second email account (thus second credit card), it says I am already registered.  That makes sense since it's tied to the same RR acct, but how can I make sure the second credit card is earning the bonus, too?




Re: Earn 25% more points promo

Top Contributor

I believe this is a promotion offered by Chase in an effort to get people to buy more things with their cards.


Thus, your questions are probably best directed to Chase.

Re: Earn 25% more points promo

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Actually, no -- the promo is offered by Southwest, not Chase. So it would be best to contact Southwest (I recommend via Twitter).


That's a great question. I too have both personal and business cards, and have the same experience. I registered for the promo for one card, and when I click thru the "register now" link for the other card it tells me I'm already registered. This should mean that, at a minimum, the offer applies to both accounts. Hopefully it means that purchases from both cards will be combined when calculating totals for threshold and bonus. That does seem to be the case with the previous version of this promo -- but of course nothing I say is official, just my experience.


If you do get a response from Southwest, please come back and give us an update!