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Earn Rapid Rewards Points for your upcoming flight

Explorer C



I'm a newbie when it comes to my Southwest Credit Card and Rapid Rewards accounts. So after getting my credit card back in February 2015 and setting up my rapid rewards account at that time, my family just started booking some flights. Most were paid with points which is good. But i received an email from Southwest the day after i booked my very last flight. It says:


Your upcoming trip is worth 942 Rapid Rewards® Points.
Make sure you get every last one.

You didn't enter a Rapid Rewards account number in your upcoming Southwest Airlines® reservation. You're potentially missing out on valuable points you can use toward your next adventure.


So I went back into each of the 3 flights i have booked and i see my Rapid Rewards number next to my name only. Do i need to put my number next to each passenger? I thought i read that i should just put my RR# next to me and not my wife/kids. 


Any idea why i would get this email. I'd hate to be missing out on points. 


Re: Earn Rapid Rewards Points for your upcoming flight

Aviator A

That message is a bit confusing. It's sent to the person who booked the flights, but what it's saying is that someone else on the itinerary is missing out in getting points. Points only go to the person flying -- not the person who paid. Since your RR number is on your reservation, you're all set. But you'll need to set up accounts for the other travelers so that they can earn their own points. Once you do so, you can call and have their RR numbers added to the reservation. Hope this helps!