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Earning extra points is easy

Aviator B



Next time you need to make a purchase you need to visit Southwest Rapid Rewards shopping.

This is one reason I have had the companion pass every year for the past 6 years!!!  


Thank you Southwest!  The best frequent flyer program ever. 


Re: Earning extra points is easy

Explorer A

I have never had nothing but problems using SW Shopping!  I stopped using it, it wasn't worth it.  Every single time I used it, I wouldn't get my points.  The terms say to wait 90 days I think it is to complain; and every time, I had to wait 90 days, complain, then they'd finally give me my points weeks after complaining.  And even then, the points were so miniscule, it wasn't worth the time and effort.  I do use e-rewards.  You take surveys and get SW RR points!  It get 2,400 SW RR points every 30 days just from taking surveys!