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Earning rewards for late December travel

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I will complete 25 flights this year to qualify for A List.  However, that 25th flight will occur on December 30.   I know that the RR system is generally offline the last couple of days in December and first few days of January for the annual reset.


Will I still receive credit for that 12/30 flight and obtain the A List status??


Re: Earning rewards for late December travel

Frequent Flyer B

Oooh, I have the same question, but for earning Companion Pass.  I have a flight on 12/30 also.  Didn't realize they went offline for the last few days of the year.  

Re: Earning rewards for late December travel

Aviator A

I haven't ever heard that RR goes offline for several days at the end of the year, and in fact made my own A-list run from MDW to MSP and back on December 30th last year successfully.


Both A-list and companion pass tier qualifying requirements are very clear about flying in the calendar year, if the qualification will be based on number of flights.


For points it is the same, but the points have to post in the calendar year so maybe I'd avoid a New Year's Eve flight as the last piece to make the threshold. December 30th should be posted in time.


Credit card qualifying points for CP are a different story, since the statement closing can be much later than flights taken and credit to the next calendar year, but I don't think that was your question.




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Re: Earning rewards for late December travel

Frequent Flyer B

Thanks for the clarification and yes, i was questioning the points from flying and not the credit card points