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Re: Extension of Benefit Levels and Companion Pass-Covid-19

Adventurer C

 @ beavermba

I agree with your premise from an earning standpoint but also disagree overall that it shouldn't matter to those who have CP thru 2021 because it needs to be considered from the standpoint of benefits timeline. We're all losing time we earned right now equally, whether your pass expires at the end of 2020 or the end of 2021. Everyone is grounded for the most part now. 


Extending the pass benefits thru June 30, 2021 is a great move by SWA to help offset the time pass holders are missing right now, for those whose pass expires at the end of the year.


But for those of us who earned their pass this year before COVID19, it does nothing because we already earned our benefits thru 12/32/2021. So under the current announcement, people in this boat get nothing for time they're missing...time they earned. And on top of it, these people earned 125,000 points for it...and the 25K CP point refund coming our way also doesn't really matter since we earned it already. 

Basically people who earned CP this year between 1/1/20 - present are left out. 

Re: Extension of Benefit Levels and Companion Pass-Covid-19

Adventurer C

Cfrieday, I'm in the same boat as you.  I earned the companion pass this year, before COVID-19 hit, so I have it thru the end of 2021, but of course have been unable to use it. 


It looks like Southwest announced today that the pass will be extended thru June 30, 2021. But since folks like you and I already earned it thru the end of 2021, I'm really hoping Southwest will consider an extension for us, too, into part of 2022. 

Re: Extension of Benefit Levels and Companion Pass-Covid-19

Explorer B

I realize SWA seat occupancy is low, but so are United, AAL, Delta, etc AND hotel chains like Best Western, Marriott and Hilton -- but the difference is all of the brands mentioned OTHER THAN Southwest have proactively extended Elite status, complimentary certificates, and vouchers beyond 2021!


And SWA still has my travel funds on hold! The fact that these threads have exist is a poor reflection on Southwest Airlines and their lack of response to their most loyal customers. WOW.


SWA - Help us understand why you won't commit to doing the right thing. You've already lost first mover advantage.

Re: Extension of Benefit Levels and Companion Pass-Covid-19

Explorer C

I received the notice today from Southwest Airlines helping all of us with maintaining our rewards status and Companion Passes through 2021 at this time.  You have also increased points and gave us advantages in our travel funds.I would like to thank Southwest in doing this at this time in in the atmosphere that we are all living with at this time.

Again, Thank you southwest.