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Extension of Companion pass for 2020 through 2021

New Arrival

I have CP for 2020 which extends to 6/30/2021.  Are there any extensions being considered for this since Covid is extending into 2021?


Re: Extension of Companion pass for 2020 through 2021

Top Contributor

I believe it is unlikely that Southwest will offer any additional extensions or changes to any of the requirements or benefits for companion pass given that they have started selling all seats now and have not made any more extensions for travel funds available.  IF any announcements are made it will be posted on and most likely the subject of many conversations here in the Community.



Re: Extension of Companion pass for 2020 through 2021

New Arrival

I just earned my Companion Pass at the end of 2020 (whew).  I am concerned that I may not be able to take full advantage of the benefit as it may be 6 months or more before I get vaccinated and feel safe to travel.


I would propose that an extension of the CP pass be made based on the first use of the CP in 2021.  For example, CP earned in 2020 expiration is 12 months from first use or December 31, 2021, whichever is later.


Any thoughts?

Re: Extension of Companion pass for 2020 through 2021

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@TheMiddleSeat I agree, but can only hope something else comes down the line.  Honestly, the 25k they gave me did afford me the luxury to achieve a companion pass for the entire 2021 year.  Thank you SWA.  But on the side of those who didn't, (since I still also took 7-8 flights during COVID) maybe SWA didn't expect COVID to go on quite as long as it did since this was "unprecedented" in terms of anything we have experienced.  As I've learned on here, the best avenue to get this across to SWA @gid730 to get directly to your question, that doesn't' seem reasonable of the year to year from the first date of use, but as I was getting to, maybe contacting customer relations is a better avenue for that request.  


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