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Extra points

Explorer C

Has anyone else been on a SouthWest flight and was told that if they filled out an application for Chase, they could earn extra reward points if it is turned in before leaving the airplane when it landed?  I was back in April and now after calling Chase and them blaming SouthWest, and vis versa, I still have not received the extra reward points to equal 65,000 points!  So disappointed that I have not gotten an answer to why from either Chase or SouthWest.  Will cancel my card if I don't get an answer.


Re: Extra points

Aviator A

I fly Southwest a lot and have never heard of such an offer.


As a matter of fact, I've not heard SW hawk the Chase card on any flight -- Frontier, yup, Spirit, yup too, but not Southwest.

Re: Extra points

Aviator A

I’ve been on lots of SW flights and only once did a FA mention the credit card but no extra points however sometimes on the entertainment portal they have a inflight offer which can be different than the regular public offer. 

yes on Frontier, Spirit, and Allegiant I have been given the credit card talk on every flight I’ve taken with those offers and i hate that talk but it is what it is. 


Re: Extra points

Aviator A

I tend to always hear flight attendants mention the credit card and ask people to sign up - but I have to admit it's been awhile since they've done it with COVID. Maybe it's only done on longer flights since there's more time. 


That aside - you don't just "get" extra points for signing up for a credit card. There is almost always a stipulation you have to meet, like spending X in Y amount of time. My guess is you did not do that, which is why you did not get the points. This should have been spelled out in the terms and conditions of your offer. Always read the fine print!