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I HAVE been a RR loyal and enthusiatic customer. I have experienced nothing but hassles now traveling with SWA. It is no longer a reliable airline. The last two trips I booked were cancelled. It resulted in major inconvenience, extraordinary delays and considerable added expense. Then , it takes over an hour to get customer service to answer--I gave up and never spoke to them. We saw another number for booking, who are outsourced out of country subcontractors who are incentivized to get travel on an outside airline. They even tried to mess with my return flight telling me that when the flight is cqncelled ---then the return flight is cancelled to too! NOT TRUE....but probably reated to the incentives they are provided. 


dealing with Soithwest just isn't the same as it used to be --- thay have lost the qualities that made them so popular ---watch their stock price and popularity go down, down down --if my experience be any guide as to what to expect --- management should take notice.



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Southwest certainly has had challenges this year with cancellations and on-time performance. Recent bad weather across the US hasn't helped things. One hopes management is paying attention and they'll be able to turn that around soon.


But to my knowledge, Southwest does not outsource call center customer service overseas -- they're actually one of the few airlines that doesn't. What number did you call? Was it a travel agency, perhaps? Whoever it was, it's unlikely it was an official representative of Southwest. Sadly, unless you're able to rebook yourself online -- or get help from Southwest Customer Relations via Twitter -- you'll need to deal with the long hold times in order to get reaccommodated. Good luck.


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Hi @dph1980


I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience. Like @chgoflyer said, we do not outsource our Customer Relations or Customer Services and Support Representatives. Any Southwest phone number you call will go directly to a Southwest Airlines Employee. I hope you'll give us an opportunity to serve you again and restore your confidence in Southwest Airlines. 



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Southwest does not outsource calls. One issue that people deal with is when they Google Southwest from their phones, or whatnot, the first listing or so is not Southwest Airlines. It is a third party that will simply access your reservation through and then charge you all these fees, etc. Like mentioned before, if you can't reach them via Twitter or make the change online yourself, you will need to wait on hold.  Just remember, when weather hits, for every flight that has to be canceled, that's approxitmately 140 people per flight that need to be reaccommodated.