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Fewer Direct Flights PVD to MCO

New Arrival

What has happened to the late afternoon direct flights on the newly released schedule. There had been direct flights in the late afternoon and/or early evening (4 and around 6). Neither of these are on the schedule in early October around Columbus Day. This makes it much harder for teachers and anyone working 9 -5 to plan a quick trip. Instead of a two and a half hour trip to Orlando it is now a 6 hour trip with a stop and in BWI.  Bring back the later direct flight. I’ve had a companion pass for 2 years but I will be looking at other flight options in the future.    


Re: Fewer Direct Flights PVD to MCO

Active Member

I've noticed the same from MCI to TPA over the last few years.  Now down to 1 non-stop early in the morning and 1 late in the evening.  Used to be several going each way.  Sure wish they would add some more options especially in the summer! 

Re: Fewer Direct Flights PVD to MCO

Retired Community Manager

Flight schedules can generally be expected to change a little with each new published schedule, so it's possible your favorite flights aren't gone forever - just temporarily.