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Finish earning points for reward in new year?

Explorer C

So, I plan on signing up for a new Southwest card soon (it’s been several years since I’ve earned a reward), and I’m wondering about how the required spending amount timeframe works. 

We have a couple big purchases to make in November of this year that I’d like to use to put toward the $3,000 required spending amount to earn the point bonus. Does that cross years? Meaning, if I spend $2000 in November, then $1000 in January (so within a three-month period), will the points I earned count in 2022 or 2023? More important will the Companion Pass that I’m shootings for technically start in 2022/2023? Or 2023/2024? That’s really what I’m wondering about. Does the Companion Pass/points bonus “activate” when I finish the 3-month spending? Or when I sign up for the card itself?




Re: Finish earning points for reward in new year?

Aviator A