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Flight Schedule between St. Louis and Kansas City

New Arrival

I live in KC but have an office in St.Louis. I have to be in STL 3-4 times a month. Southwest cancelled the direct flight 5935 that departed STL at 5:35 and arrived in KC at 6:30. Currently the only direct flights from STL to KC in the afternoon are 2:40 and 9:40 departutres. Not exactly perfect for a business traveler. So unfortunately I have to make that drive 3-4 times a month. Are there any other STL to KC travelers that want a business freindly direct departure? Please speak up I know you are out there. 


Re: Flight Schedule between St. Louis and Kansas City

New Arrival

I agree, that flight schedule being removed is extremely inconvenient.  The few times I got to use it before it was removed, seemed to be popular.  I also would like a consistently available early morning direct flight on Saturdays which would get me to STL by 9:00am