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Flights and points not showing up in RR recent activity

Explorer C



I'm a new RR customer and was just checking my point accrual and noticed that my return flights home and points aren't showing up in my RR recent activity.  My departing flights and associated points are showing correctly, but nothing for my return flights.


Can anyone tell me why this is?






Re: Flights and points not showing up in RR recent activity

Aviator A

Just curious...did you book the outbound and returning flight separately? If not, you will not see two separate points “deposits” because points from round trip flights will not post until the entire trip is completed. 


Example: If you book a round trip going somewhere on Monday and return on Friday, you will not see the points until you come home on Friday, and those points for the entire trip will post at the same time in one transaction. 


If if you would like to see the points from each way deposit separately, you can book each leg of your trip separately. It isn’t necessary, but it does allow the points to post more quickly. 


Hope that helps!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Flights and points not showing up in RR recent activity

Aviator B

It could be possible that you did book one leg of your travel with your RR#. You can also request past points from your Rapid Rewards Account under "Manage Account" Request Past Points


  • You can request past flight points for travel completed within the past 12 months.
  • Only flights taken over 48 hours ago will be reviewed for past flight points.
  • Name and date of birth associated with the passenger's reservation must match the name and date of birth in the Member's Rapid Reward account.
  • Travel on Rapid Rewards Awards, Companion Passes, non-revenue tickets, or charter flights are ineligible for points.
  • For more information on receiving past Partner Points,

Re: Flights and points not showing up in RR recent activity

Aviator A

I would go back to your confirmation email and see if your RR number is on the reservation as there are times it may jump off especially if you make the reservation over the phone 


if it says join or add number under the RR then you would need to request past flight points after 48 hours of your flight completion as @franktravel stated. 


If you are booked on a RT flight all travel must be complete before points will post to your account 


if you need further assistance just let me know