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Free Drink Coupons

New Arrival

I misplaced/lost my (4) Free Drink Tickets and will be traveling at the end of the month. Am I able to request new drink vouchers?  


Re: Free Drink Coupons

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I would have to say no.... because everyone would do it.


But you should try! reach out on Twitter of Facebook

Re: Free Drink Coupons

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Perhaps you will get lucky and sit next to a frequent flyer like me.  I am almost always offering drink tickets to my seat mates/rowmates.  I fly a lot of mornings when I do not want a drink so I have a stack of them (but not so many that I want to opt out).

Re: Free Drink Coupons

New Arrival

I have expired drink tickets, can I get new ones

Re: Free Drink Coupons

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Unfortunately There is not a way to get new coupons in exchange for the expired ones the only way to get new coupons is to fly 10 one way flights.