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Frozen RR account and companion pass, have cancelled vacation because no one can help me!

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     Good afternoon everybody hopefully someone can help me. I've never had any trouble with SWA but now I'm pretty frustrated, it's already cost my family a vaction and I don't think its fair.

     I needed to make a reservation two weeks ago (saturday June 19 for travel the next day) for a family trip the next day and hotel reservations were already made, and I was informed that my account is frozen for some reason, apparently someone tried to hack it. The SWA phone agent informed me that all I could do is pay for my ticked and my son's companion pass would be added and then get a refund when they unlock my account on Monday after the trip. 

     Well, I have over 320,000 points and was going to pay tickets for myself , my companion pass for my son and 4 other tickets for my brother and his family with my points. it was about 200,000. 

     First of all there was nothing I could do until Monday apparently, so my brother had to pay a fee for changing his hotel reservation from Sunday to Monday.

     So I pay out of pocket my ticket, $552.96 and only after I pay that was I informed that I could not reserve my companion pass so either I paid another $552.97 or cancel my vacaction plans with paid itineraries. activities and hotel. Again I was told no problem, call customer relations Monday, you'll get a refund, unlock my account and be able to buy the tickets for my brother and his family for that same day with points, still not that big a deal, only one day postponed his vacation.

     Well, Its been two weeks, My brother's family lost out on the vacation because the tickets in cash would have been close to $5,000.00 so it was either pay that or cancel his hotel and the activities we had already reserved and paid for, so he chose to pay the hotel cancelation, lost some sports tickets wich were paid but wasn't able to sel and a few other things. I understand that covid complicated things but its ridiculous that nobody can help me!!! Everyone tells me to call Customer Relations, that they are the only ones who can do anything. I've gone to two airports called every customer service number I can find, contacted them on Facebook, Twitter, Email and no one answers except for the customer service that says to call customer relations! I've bcalled everyday for the last two weeeks and avter one hour and a half on hold, EVERY DAY, I hang up. well my family is planning a vacation for this month to make up for that one, what do I do? they already missed out through no fault of their own and we were out of pocke a significant ammount of money.

     I have been a Rapid Rewards member for 20 years, have my personal and my business credit cards with chase southwest, have over 320,000 points and have never had a problem but now that its affecting my family I need help or do I just forget about SWA and lose verything and  go to another carrier? Can anyone help me contact someone to resolve this please?


Re: Frozen RR account and companion pass, have cancelled vacation because no one can help me!

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That sounds awful. Sorry to hear that it is happening to you.


Southwest has had a combination of computer and weather problems. Lots of cancelled

and delayed flights so loots of people are trying to contact the airline.


I've seen situations in the past where the phones were a mess but other contact methods would work, but this time it seems like everything is jammed up. People are reporting that they've tried everything and nothing worked.


It is a real mess.


 The best I can  do is suggest you try the non phone option to reach customer relations I don;t know if it will make a difference or not, but it is the best I can do.


Hope it works out for you.