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Get SWA points back after cancelling international flight

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Hi.  My wife and I are supposed to go to Italy at the end of May.  We booked the international flights on Delta using Southwest points.  If we cancel, do we get our Southwest points back?  I called SWA CS and they had no answer, just told me to call Rapid Rewards Travel during normal business hours.  Anyone else ever had experience with canceling an international flight with Rapid Rewards?


Re: Get SWA points back after cancelling international flight

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I think it's going to depend on your ticket type & Delta policy.  For context think of the More Rewards site as a travel agency that booked your tickets for you.   Instead of using cash to pay them you used your Rapid Rewards points because they have a business agreement with Southwest that allows them to do so.  So it will depend on the fare type and the airline and your agency's policies.  Here is what I see:


If I start the booking process I see this note about Changes and Cancellations:


"Change and Cancellation Policy:
Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable and fee per ticket is charged for itinerary changes. Name changes are not allowed. Please review complete terms and conditions listed on the Payment Page."


I also see this contact information:


"Need Help?
If at any time during the booking process you have questions or need assistance from a Travel Rewards Agent, please call 1-888-658-4826."


And there is an FAQ section:


"Q: Once I complete my airline booking, can I cancel or make changes?
A: The ability to change or cancel an airline ticket is dependent on the type of ticket purchased. Cancel and change rules along with fees may vary based on program rules, airline, and fare purchased. Details can be found on the payment page terms and conditions (pre-purchase) and confirmation email (post-purchase)."


I would call, as recommended by Southwest, to see your options.

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Re: Get SWA points back after cancelling international flight

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@commonman78 wrote:

Anyone else ever had experience with canceling an international flight with Rapid Rewards?

I haven’t ever used the More Rewards redemptions. The rules would depend on the carrier you booked with, and fare type - as far as I know most other carriers do not offer “no change fees” like Southwest does unless you book a refundable fare.


Redeeming the points in this way even if the other carrier did let you cancel I think you would end up with the equivalent of travel funds on the new carrier - I don’t expect them to refund whatever payment Southwest made to use points there. (Unless refundable fare.)






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Re: Get SWA points back after cancelling international flight

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Unless you purchased a fully refundable fare, you won't get any Rapid Rewards points back. Since you booked through More Rewards you've essentially used your points as cash to book a flight through a travel agent on another carrier. So you are now subject to that carrier's fare rules. Best case scenario you can cancel and rebook within certain limitations after paying a cancellation or rebooking fee.


Don't waste your time contacting Southwest, you will need to contact More Rewards directly. 


More Rewards 



Edit: Looks like Delta has an advisory in place for Italy right now due to the Coronavirus situation, which allows some changes without fee. It doesn't currently cover late May, but it would be worth keeping an eye on. There's also the (remote) possibility that, if the US government bans travel to Italy, you might be able to get More Rewards to actually refund your points. A long shot, but who knows.