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Gift Card Stolen

New Arrival

My grandmother purchased a gift card for me because she is sick and I have to travel once a month to see her. This gift card can not be registared and I asked when I first got the card. Well i checked it every month and took pics of it, booked a trip and low and behold my funds are gone. My card was dropped by accident and when i found it at the store I was able to check the balance and it was fine. I have spoke to numerous customer service reps including one that said she would get me taken care of with LUV vouchers to only come back and say sorry you are out of luck. I fly with this company once a month and spent over 2k but they can't do anything for me when I really need it to help my family that i'm all she has,  also they can see that this card was used for future travel and refuse to do anything about it. I have begged and pleaded on the phone as well as cried. thanks SW for nothing


Re: Gift Card Stolen

Top Contributor

I'm sorry to hear that your gift card was stolen, and for the ensuing trauma you are incurring.


Every gift card I've ever bought or given contains a warning on the back of the card that states something like "treat this card like cash. Itis not replaceable" Southwest's does, too. It says "Gift card is not replaceable if lost, stolen or destroyed. Protect the card like cash."


Again, I'm sorry to hear  that you are having this trouble.