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Gift card expiration

Explorer C

I don't know if a lot of you know this, but unused funds on a partially used Southwest gift card expire one year after the first usage. 


Re: Gift card expiration

Aviator B

No. It does not expire and does not devalue over time.


Each purchase is deducted from the balance of the Southwest gift card. The balance will remain on the Southwest gift card until it is decreased to zero, at which time the card will be deactivated.

Re: Gift card expiration

Aviator A



In complaince with federal law, gift card balances do not expire.


However: Once you use funds from a gift card to book a flight, those funds are now tied to use by the original named passenger(s) only, and expire one year from the date you made the reservation, should you need to cancel and reuse the funds. This applies to all fare types, even fully-refundable fares.