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Gifting Points

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Can I gift points to cover two round trip tickets if I’m NOT one of the passengers? If so, HOW?!


Re: Gifting Points

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No, but you can purchase tickets for anyone with YOUR points. 


So you can't combine two different owner's points to get one ticket.   But you could buy a one way ticket for someone and have them buy the other... if they only had enough points for one leg. 


One advantage of this... you retain some control over the points.   If the ticket is cancelled, the points are returned to you. 

Re: Gifting Points

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What a helpful answer from "Active Member". Good Advise.

I am a Sailor

Re: Gifting Points

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Can you transfer points? Yes.

Should you transfer points? No.

Transferring points costs money, $5.00 for every 500 points. Just buying the tickets for someone else is free so transferring is rarely a good idea. 


Here's how to do it if you really wanted to:

Log into your account and click on Rapid Rewards® at the top of the screen. Under Manage, select Buy or Transfer points. From here you can select the appropriate transaction option on the Rapid Rewards® Buy/Transfer page. When prompted, enter the Rapid Rewards® account number, email address and name of the individual who will receive your transferred points. The recipient must be a Rapid Rewards Member to receive transferred points.



Re: Gifting Points

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Good point.   I'd forgotten you could pay to transfer them.   At  a penny a point, it only makes sense if you're REALLY close to purchasing a ticket and need just a few more points. 


Consider points are worth about 1.6 cents each,  so you're almost buying them.   When they have sales,  you can buy them for below 1.8 cents per point if I recall... but even then,  it rarely makes sense unless you have a specific flight in mind and just need to top off. 


Don't forget that points flights don't accrue more points, so you get about a 10% rebate on every revenue paid flight.... and one more step towards A-list.