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Giving drink coupons to others

Explorer C


I have some drink coupons expiring at the end of this month, but don't have any SWA flights before then.  Can I give away my coupons to a friend or colleague who can use them?  (Maybe my boss since annual reviews are coming up!)

I know the coupons can't be sold, bartered, etc. but is free gratis OK?  I'm asking since my name is on them, but don't recall the FA's ever checking.




Re: Giving drink coupons to others

Aviator C

I'll admit I'm not quite sure of the official policy, but I don't think the FA would care if you shared your coupon with a fellow passenger (read: I'm 99% sure you're good!). It's really kind of you to want to share them with others!

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Re: Giving drink coupons to others

Aviator A

Yes you can "gift" your drink coupons to any person you choose.

Re: Giving drink coupons to others

Aviator A

I give mine away often since I never get to use them all.


Thanks for sharing the LUV!

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