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Group Travel- paying with Rapid rewards points

New Arrival
My family is planning a trip to Hawaii next year and trying to figure out if it makes sense to book with group travel. We are a group of 11. I will likely have enough points for 2 people, plus my husband is on my companion pass. Will we still be allowed to book as a group and use points/companion pass and get a group rate for the remaining 8 people, or does there need to be 10 people paying for tickets (i.e. not points/companion pass) to qualify for group travel? Thanks!

Re: Group Travel- paying with Rapid rewards points

Top Contributor

For group travel you would need 10 people on paid (credit/debit card/PayPal) you aren't able to do group travel with a points ticket but you can always book them separately. 


Here's what I would do: since your booking 11 people I would book 1 on points if you have enough then do the other 10 on a group reservation. 


Hope this helps