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Help with CP points - Chase Closing date was late

Explorer C

At the beginning of 2020 I opened a Chase Rapid Rewards Credit Card.  The card's closing date was set to the 1st of the month.  I did not pay attention to this until December of 2020.  I was 4000 qualifying points away from the CP, and the rewards I would be receiving from my Chase Card would be enough to surpass the required 125000 points. BUT since my card's statement closed on the 1st, the points were rewarded for 2021.  I have called and talked to Southwest's customer service, being a time issue of just a few days I figured they could help me out, but I was wrong.  They told me there was nothing they could do.  Yet I do not see the reason why, it is clear that the issue was just a matter of me not changing my statement's closing date when I originally received the card.  This is really frustrating, anybody out there with a similar situation or any ideas?


Re: Help with CP points - Chase Closing date was late

Aviator A

Sorry, but I think you are out of luck. I'm afraid this is very binary. You either made it or you didn't.


This situation seems to come up every year. That's why I advise people to contact Chase and change the closing date to some time near the end of the month -- like the 28th.


This can never happen in the same month as the request to do so. So you can't make the request in December for a December closing date change.



Re: Help with CP points - Chase Closing date was late

Aviator A

Happens to someone every year.  Sorry you had to learn the lesson the hard way.



Re: Help with CP points - Chase Closing date was late

Aviator C

Yes, it does happen to somebody every year.   As the others have stated, sorry you had to experience this, but it's not SWA fault as I read your post, it falls on you.  I once thought I had a great argument when I filed my taxes one year just minutes after the April 14th deadline, NOPE, I was wrong.