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Hotel Points towards CP

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I have a hotel stayed coming up that I booked through I gave my RR number at the time of registration and did not use my SW Credit Card for hotel booking. At the time of booking, it said that I will earn 19K points. Will this count towards my CP? Thanks!


Re: Hotel Points towards CP

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The rules would seem to say tha the asnwer to your question is yesas long as some of the points are not classfied as "bonus " points:



 Companion Pass qualifying points are earned from revenue flights booked through Southwest®, points issued on Southwest Rapid Rewards® Credit Cards, and base points earned from Rapid Rewards Partners in a calendar year. Purchased points, points transferred between Members, points converted from hotel and car loyalty programs, and e-Rewards, e-Miles, Valued Opinions, and Diners Club, points earned from Rapid Rewards program enrollment, tier bonus points, flight bonus points, and Partner bonus points (excluding bonus points earned on the Rapid Rewards Credit Cards from Chase) do not qualify as Companion Pass qualifying points."



Re: Hotel Points towards CP

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I called SW customer care to know how much are base points & how much are bonus points for that hotel booking showing 19K points for the stay.


They said it depends on how hotel replies to SW for those points, if hotel decides to give you 2K as base points & 17K as bonus points, then those 17K won't be counted against CP.


Can someone please clear this confusion.

Re: Hotel Points towards CP

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Libra_14: (sorry, quoting another post is broken):


I responded to this question in another thread.


Fyi, cross-posting the same question in multiple threads isn't allowed here. The good news is that you'll usually receive a quick reply to any question, even when posted just once. 😉