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Explorer C

Are there always "points plus" properties or do these phase out at the end of August under the current advertised special of "at least 2 points per $" ? Also, do the specific hotels change or stay consistent? For example, some sandals resorts are listed for points plus but others are not.  Thank you in advance,  Kori


Re: Hotels

Aviator A

My (limited) experience with the Southwest hotels indicates the Points Plus properties depend strictly on availability for the particular night(s) you are searching for and can change at any time.  Much like a hotel can be available via Priceline or Hotwire on one night, but not the next.  There may be hotels that never get marked as a Points Plus property as they don't want to be listed as a discount property.  I'm not aware of anyone making a list of Points Plus properties as they have with Priceline and Hotwire hotels, but they could be the same list.