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How Often?!?

Explorer C

Hi guys.  Is there anyone within this community that can tell me how often Southwest has a "sale" on the Rapid Reward points?  As of current, I am in need of only 765 points.  Yes, I am aware that the least amount of points that I can purchase is 2000 Rapid Reward points.  I just don't want to pay $60.00, as I am trying to redeem the 10,000 points for a gift card that will be gifted to a single mother of 2 young boys.  However, I've trying to save when and where I can?  Does anyone have the answer to this question?  What can you advise?  Any and all help is greatly appreciated. 


Re: How Often?!?

Aviator B



The first question is going to be, do you have the Chase Rapid Rewards credit card? The reason I ask is you need it to redeem your points for gift cards.  I would say I get an e-mail 3-4 times a year about extra points. 


Good luck. 

Re: How Often?!?

Aviator A

Are you buying a Southwest gift card? If so, that's a very bad redemption value use of points. Just book the flights for her.


In general, using point for anything other than Southwest flights loses about half of the value of the points. Or more.


FYI: When there is a points "sale," they are most often extra value offers, As in, "earn 30% bonus points." Of the last 5 points offers I received, only one was "save 30% on points," which was in April of 2016