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I should have had 2 ticket numbers for credit  from my NY trip in March. Fare was lowered after purchase and they said it would be credit and not returned to me on my card. That was fine but come to find out the lady who was supposed to issue it did not do it correctly. She had sent me two separate emails with 2 different ticket numbers in each. I remember the lady having trouble. The phone actually cut off when I was placed on hold, she had never called me back but I assumed the ticket #s would work.  The customer support team SEES the credits but no ticket number attached. I’m trying to book my husbands and my flight to LV by tomorrow in order to avoid higher flight fees but no one can help me besides “ emailing “ for a LUV VOUCHER. Who can help me ? As well as southwest should honor the lower fee currently if it raises right? 



Rising Star



Sorry your having trouble applying travel funds. 


Usually when the ticket is repriced to the lower fare the travel funds are held under the confirmation number for that flight. When you go to book new travel you would give the rep on the phone the confirmation number from your previous flight where the price went down. 


Couple things to keep in mind with travel funds


1. Only the passenger who was ticketed on the reservation where the price went down is eligible to use the funds so if your flight went down $20 that credit could only be used on a flight for you (no friends or other family members) 


2. For you to be able to use the travel funds the travel on the new flight must be completed by the expiration date which is 1 year from the date you purchased the original ticket. 


So when you try to book try using the confirmation number instead of the ticket number. 


Usually LUV vouchers are only issued for compensation purposes or if they are making an exception because your travel funds expired. 


If your still having trouble applying travel funds you could reach out to reservations at 800-435-9792 or if they can't figure it out you can reach out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 and they would be glad to assist you as well.


Hope this helps