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Issues Changing Companion

Adventurer C

My husband recently added my nephew as his companion.  The process was simple, we called, gave is RR number and they added him.  After completing a flight today, I called to switch my companion to my niece.  Gave RR number and then the lady asked for my niece's date of birth & address.  I had the wrong zip code and she wouldn't add her.  Called back a few minutes later with the correct zip code (my brother's zip code had recently changed), the representative asked for my nieces RR number and that was it, change made.  Why such different policies? 


Re: Issues Changing Companion

Aviator A

It’s probably for the protection of your nieces RR account and also yours. Why yours you may ask well what if I got ahold of your account number and now I called and changed the Companion to me even though you don’t know me well now you would be down 1 of the 3 changes per year. Also some people have the same name so they want to make sure they put the right person as the Companion. 


Personally i would wonder why the 2nd agent didn’t ask for verifying information like the address on your nieces account. 


Glad you got the Companion changed though without any big issues