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New Arrival
I fly over 100 segments a year for business travel. Over my 18 year career I estimate I've flown well over 1,500 flights on a variety of airlines. All airlines have similar jets. What makes the difference to me is service. Over the years I've noticed many airlines being bought and consolidated. Other airlines have flight attendants that never seem to be as happy as the ones at southwest. When I ask why, they talk about benefit reductions and not liking their jobs. So many times I've heard them in the back of the plane complaining about things. I've never encountered that at Southwest. From baggage handlers, to gate agents to flight attendants. All seem pretty happy overall. I also notice Southwest is usually clean and it's easy to change flights. That's important to business travelers like me. They also don't have big carts that congest the aisles. Passengers really do feel free to roam about the cabin. The flights also seem to be more directly routed with connections so I get home faster. I like that the rewards program is based more on distance because I live in San Diego and my Mom lives in Phoenix. I know it might not seem like a lot but these little things make a huge difference. And those little things make me not care about occasionally sitting in an aisle seat when I check in last minute. If your benefits out weigh me sitting in a middle seat for hours that's pretty impressive. I think you have the secret to success and it will keep me booking flights on Southwest. Thank you so much and THANK YOU flight attendants for your great attitudes. It really does make a difference to me after being on long business trips all week when I finally get to fly home.